I’m sure the river won’t be too high

I’m sure the river won’t be too high

Famous last words? So today is the day we head into the bush, where we need to ford two rivers. Although we’ve got off road vehicles, all the talk for the last few days has been about the river level. Too high and we’re walking a lot further than we expected to.

Yesterday was almost entirely spent on the road, travelling nearly 400km. This did however, give us a great chance to see the country which is mostly a very green and lush (it’s just after the rainy season) scrubland. This is dotted with small holdings and then slightly incongruously the extreme ordliness of tea plantations.

Last night was spent in motel in a town called Gurue, and a last chance to enjoy such wild luxuries as a shower, a bed and a proper toilet! From now on it’s camping.

As previously mentioned I’m really not sure about the phone signal once we get into the bush so if it goes quiet on here, apologies.

3 Replies to “I’m sure the river won’t be too high”

  1. Good luck! I’m now following this too so can read all the action. Be safe. Xxx

  2. Hi Tim this all sounds real exciting. Enjoy and stay safe. We are in Madrid not so intrepid and well supplied with beds and showers but fun all the same. Love to you and the family.