Base camp

Base camp

So after arriving four days ago, we have finally got to the bottom of Mt. Lico

and established a base camp, which quite incredibly has enough phone signal for us to access the intetnet. The world really is a small place! The camp is now really starting to look like home, with a kitchen (complete with chef Matt)

and a working/eating area. If you put these coordinates into Google earth you should be able to see where we are -15.8006132, 37.3540715. Tomorrow, Richard Young and I are off with a few others to establish a satellite camp in a patch of relic forest. The idea is to stay there for a few nights and we’ll be recording a catching birds and small mammals. Of course, we are always hoping for new species while doing this, although that’s unlikely for birds it’s possible for small mammals. I’m taking my mist nets and will be catching birds and unusually for me not putting rings on them.

While I write this, the herpetologist’s are getting very excited as they have recorded a toad that although not a new species, fills in a gap of the distribution as the next nearest record is 400km away.

In other news the climbers have made their first ascent of Mt. Lico and tomorrow Julian, a few others and the film crew are going to climb up and spend a few nights on the top. If Julian gets up there it will be the realisation of a dream and the result of an enormous amount of determination.

5 Replies to “Base camp”

  1. Loving the posts Tim – all sounds totally amazing. Take care of yourselves out there. Love from Box.

  2. Love reading them – sounds so exciting. We need to meet up when you get back

  3. Fab! Impressed with kitchen set-up! All looks so beautiful there. Can’t wait for the stories. Say hi to Rich and Julian and enjoy exploring! D x

  4. Glad you’ve arrived safely and established base camp! Kitchen looks good; an essential feature! Richard say hi to Tim. Mum & Dad xx